Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Some new music I wanted to share with you all

Torche - Meanderthal
(2008 - Hydra Head)
I guess not to many people are quite on the Torche wagon just yet, so let me do what I can to help change that. If you haven't heard these guys past releases, trust me when I say, you MUST check them out. To describe the band's sound... lets say The Ramones decided they wanted to be Black Sabbath, and hired Page Hamilton (who suddenly sings much better) to front the band. Oh that sounds terrible I know. Torche is sludgy stoner metal, set to.........pop!!!! I have heard Foo Fighter comparisons, and I would urge listeners to avoid that, because this band sounds nothing like that. The only thing FF and torche have in common is both bands would sound great on radio, but again, that sounds terrible. Torche is what Queens Of The Stone Age should have been, as far as heaviness. While QOTSA are focusing more on boy band sex sing-a-long experimentation, Torche just wants to tear your face off with walls and walls of down tuned, yet up tempo rock and roll. Its not metal, but its too heavy to just be called rock, and to take it to the next level, the band even manages to create beautiful atmosphere, and paints that on top of monolithic riffs. What you get with "Meanderthal" (Besides what seems to be a throw back to Amrep's Hammerhead who had a song title of the same name) is a short and sweet, well produced dirty, heavy rock opus, with more harmonies and catchiness than normally finds its way into todays sludge rock/metal scene! They are on tour now, with The Sword (Another good band to check out) and they will hit the road later this summer with Japan's thunderous rock monster, BORIS!! Don't miss these shows!!!! Oh and check out Torche's self titled debut full length, and their amazing EP, "In Return"!

Melvins - Nude With Boots
(July 8, 2008 Ipecac Recordings)

This record is not available for public purchase just yet, but I felt inclined to listen to the leaked record, and I will no doubt buy it when it is made available. The Melvins are one of my all time favorite bands. Buzz Osbourne, Dale Crover and Co. have recorded another album, the this second album, with Jarred and Cody (The 2 dudes from another amazing band, Big Business). The first album, A Senile Animal, blew my mind. It was so unexpected to hear The Melvins play, easily the catchiest music in their overwhelming discography. After many years of releasing many albums filled with almost unlistenable noise,It came as a breath of fresh air. People will tell you that if you don't like the noise albums, that you just aren't a "true fan". Well, I have all of the Melvins albums, and trust me "I get it" I just don't prefer it. A Senile Animal was a relief and many fans would agree, it was one of the best of their long career.Look, like em or not, you have to give them the respect of being innovative and for putting bands like Nirvana, and KARP and the many other imitators on the map. Ok, so the new album.
1.The Kicking Machine - This song is loaded with harmonies, off kilter rock guitar, blasting drums. Tons of energy. This is classic old school Melvins.
2.Billy Fish - Like the first, this song takes off with strong rock structures, and tons of awesome melodies. Reminiscent of Houdini/Stoner Witch era.
3.Dog Island - Ahh yes. The sounds of Bullhead come to mind. Tracks like Boris. Downtuned sludge rock. The song is very smart too. Clever riffs.
4.Dies Araea - This is a updated Melvins treatment, to the theme song to the movie "The Shining" This is done very well, and actually gives me the same chills I get when I hear the movie version. So cool that they did this.
5.Suicide In Progress - Yes, another song that brings to mind Houdini. Im reminded of "The Bloat", from Stag, only busier.
6. The Smiling Cobra - One of the heavier ones. So awesome!! Great vocals!! Real clever riffs!!Again, classic Melvins
7.Nude With Boots -  This song starts out as a long jam that sounds like psychadelic bright stoner rock, but switches into heavier territory. Harmonies dominate here, much like the other tracks.
8.Flush - Ok, so it would not be a Melvins album without at least one demented noise track. Well, here it is. At least they kept it short and sweet. Pointless though, unless it is an inside joke!?!?!
9.The Stupid Creep - Stoner Witch era head banger tune. Buzz's vocals are real deep in this one. Not sure why, but it rules. This is a really short song. Just as its taking off, it stops.
10.The Savage Hippy - Dale/Cory start the dual drums off, with a tough groove covered in tons of reverb. Reminds me of "Hootch". This is another heavier down tempo song, that rocks so well.
11. It Tastes Better Than The Truth - This is like, marching music from hell, with the entire band yelling, screaming, singing, doing all sorts of stuff over top of it. Definitely one of the weirder tracks. But the important thing to remember here is it is "musical" Its not like normal Melvins weirdness, where you hear a train whistle for 1o minutes. Trippy ending to well delivered rock album.

If I could complain about anything,and I must...It is the production. Like "A Senile Animal" this record sounds watery. The songs are too well written, to be lo-fi in a way that does not work. I think its due time to get the tones and overall heaviness right!!!! I think the album might not get quite the due it deserves because of 2 things: 1.The fact that it is truer to The Melvins sound, than the last album, and 2. Sound quality/production.
There you have it folks, buy this record when it hits shelves on July 8th. Melvins forever!!!!!


throwingroses said...

The Torche album is without a doubt one of my favorite records I've bought this year. I got a leaked version of the new Melvins as well. I love the songs, but my hope is that the leaked copy I have is not the final version as I really hate the mix on the record- no damn bass and vocals too high in the mix. I'm with 100% on (A) Senile Animal.

Stephen Mark Sarro said...
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