Friday, May 23, 2008

Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull (A non spoiler review)

 As I promised...

So, I heard quite a bit of negative reviews by the fans, about Indiana Jones 4. Most of the complaints I heard was that it was too much story telling, too slow in it's pace, and that the story was terrible. Hmm. Then I heard all of the famous critics, saying how amazing the movie is, and how it sits comfortably with the first 3. The only thing I can do is think about what made the 3 classic films so damn good to me, and with the long space in between films, it was obvious that there might be the issue of the best movie makers in my lifetime, (Spielberg/Lucas) might not "have it" anymore. I promised myself that I would go into this movie, and just be honest about it. I just want to have fun!!!!
Because this is a new movie, and one that I am sure everyone and their mother will see...i will be brief!! It was good. It was not as good as the classic 3, but I think part of what made those movies so good was my imagination, which made the effect of the films much stronger growing up. Nostalgia plays a big part too, and it was weird connecting with the idea of a new Indie film. There were some things I believe should have been different. Mainly the plot. The plot kinda takes away from the spirit of the series. Outside of that fact, the execution of the movie, plot and all, is excellent. Harrison Ford did an outstanding job at his old age, to naturally fall back into the character. You really do forget that he is much older than he appears on film. The twists and turns, the action, the characters are all very well written. The humor that made the 3 classics work, is in tact. The sets are beautiful. The horrific moments are in tact as well. The ending, obviously felt weak, but that goes without saying, when the plot is not that good. You kind of don't know the full details though, and that helps the movie, knowing that the plot is not fully revealed. It doesn't distract. There were some great throw back moments to the classics as well. See if you can catch them all. I was satisfied with the movie. The odds were against them, and the cast and crew pulled off a fun and almost equally stunning movie as the original series. What the fans wanted, is definitely here. The fans will definitely have some complaints, but, that would never change. Undisputedly enjoyable, and worth your time and money.

Oh, and Indie still hates snakes!!!! ;)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Great lyrics I felt compelled to share with you

The holding stare, that lurks around me everywhere completes the vacant eyes and ignorant side you choose to stare to hide behind in sinful despair. The black to see in humanity weaves all imagery in the likeness of guilt over you. The chambers of deadly are sowed from your heart and sucking the life blood spills to the floor. Evil is laughing over you. Laughing death over you. Repeat Our Father, Jesus Cristo, virgin Mary and saint Peter calling upon an exorcist. Casting out demonic unrest. Faith in religious ceremonials. Putting trust in spiritual overtures. Life of goodness. Pious appeal. Holy fervour fanatical zeal. Works of mercy door to door. Counting beads repeat some more. The wisdom of man, peace within. Self salvational means found in our tasks. I'm a God, your a God. Evil is negative energy. Your a positive entity. Heaven and Hell are a state of mind. God is a human insecurity. An inner force. The essence of time. A political lie to keep us in mind. Then who is Jesus? Who is Jesus to you?
The holding stare that lurks around me everywhere like a hall of tortures between the ears that contaminates the heart and all you hear. Here the truth to see the ears hold the ring of keys to release you free from the bondage of Hell over you. Till the chambers of deadly are gouged from your heart and the blood of the lamb is free to spill out the laughter of evil continues to smile laughing death over you. So listen to the holding stare.
Who is Jesus to you???

- Allan Aguire (singing in the band "Scaterd Few" on the album, "Jawboneofanass" on the song "Holding stare")

Scaterd Few - Jawboneofanass 
(1994 - Sopa Records)

and might I also add, that this album, is one of the greatest punk/hardcore/art rock albums of all time!! It is almost as good as their debut "Sin Disease"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow I shall lighten up, only a little, to go see the new Indiana Jones film, which is getting mixed reviews. Dammit, I want a great movie, and I fear I am going to be disappointed. But what else is new?? Ok, so I will review it tomorrow night...

stay tuned.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


I went to my brother's college graduation yesterday. There, I saw so many people who had a whole life ahead of them, with a goal. A career, a life, that they had control over. A plan that they were excited to start. Out of school, ready to take their permission slip out into the real world, to receive a real life. The speech of the day? 

"Find what it is that makes you happy and thrive to make your mark"!!!!

but what if you are undisputedly created to do one thing. What if these college kids sat there yesterday remembering the days when they dreamed about being something specific. Being young and childish, playing in the bathroom in front of the mirror. Talking to themselves, pretending to be something they are not but eventually, in time will surely enough become.
Did anybody think about those days, where cleaning your room, helping with family chores, meeting the expectations of teachers, parents, family, friends, mattered very little to you, because you were fixated on a dream, a destiny, a vision that seems all to real to you, and your young and foolish and that is all that you care about, what else could matter more than that??

Do you think these college kids recall those days, later, in middle or high school. Trying to deal with the pressures of fitting in and being accepted, while learning the useless things that school teaches you. Remember when that childish dream now started to seem more real than ever? 

You surround yourself with like minded people, who shared the same interest. Nobody can understand why you think the way you do. Its not an idea that is socially acceptable. You do not fit into the "popular crowd" and you do not get the hot girl. You get the unusual and mysterious girl, who happens to be hot to you, but not to the cool crowd. You get a chip on your shoulder, because you feel "more aware" than the cool crowd and only time will prove you right. Time, something that is surely on your side. You dive head first into your interests, ignoring everything else, and you get nowhere with what everybody wants you to do, but you start your adventure in that dream you have had, that seems so real. Everybody is concerned for you because you do not seem "the same" as everyone else. Lets not forget this is Christian school, so now we start wondering if...your "offbeat" sense of style and ambition is cause for concern to others. Are you gay? You aren't doing the normal things, son. Are you depressed? Of course your not, because your doing what has only been normal to do, all of these years you have been alive. You feel so strongly about it. It feels natural. It is how the engine was built to run, and no other function would work. Nobody understands it because your so young. One day, you are told, you will snap right out of it and be proper. You do not believe that though, this is you and it is for life. Out of panic, people start to think you need serious help. The idea of connecting with all of these stupid things in school, are so important to everybody in control, that you start to find yourself getting mental evaluation, and you start to get force fed medication. Now you are depressed, not because you needed medicine, but because your fight to be "you" has now become an endless war. Sure, they only love you, but you still feel more "aware" so you just keep doing what it is that defines,simply, you!!!

You graduate from high school and now you are expected to go to college. You have followed your dreaming heart now, all the way to the end. This dream, this passion you have had your whole life, has now created your character. Your friends know what you are, your enemies still think your nuts. You still have a select core group of friends, because this is art and art doesn't make sense in Christian school life. Now you are known as the troublemaker, because you clearly did only the bare minimum to get by in school, you only worked hard enough to give the teachers and parents what they paid for. A child, with a diploma. You have now been through several schools, psychiatrists, medicines, friends, and your emotionally a mess. You have been completely abandoned by people, because you just didn't fit into the requirements of the society laid in front of you. Because you are "special needs" you get a free pass to go to college. But, you don't need college for what it is you still love. Now you are a free man, and you can pursue this love, without any distraction. College is a distraction. You have a gift now, not a dream. This love you had as a child, has now become a gift. This gift is clear to everyone. Now people are starting to really appreciate it. Your starting to help other people with it. You think back to all of the years, and all of the mess, and how it seems so obvious now. Now, with the pain you experienced, you don't just have a name, but a face, for this gift. Ministry. This is something God has put inside you, from such an early age. Everyone who understood you has been saying that all along. Your parents have always been saying "Your called and your going to do something big with your life" You are read like a newspaper. It is so clear to everybody.
Now, they see whats going on, and they know its your life. Your destiny!!!!!!

You run full tilt, into the life you now waited your whole life for. You have developed, naturally, a knack for doing this thing a certain way, and naturally, the people who are capable of keeping up with you, see eye to eye and join you in this. You pour your whole life into it, and now the dream you have had is bigger than you are. You have now become secondary to a larger life. You are a leader, and people are scratching their heads at you. "How on earth did you come up with this"? How did you? From all of the years, and all of the lessons learned, and all of mirrors you practiced in. And all of the visions you had as a teenager. It is just natural. Its who you are and what you do. Now this dream of yours takes on a life of its own. You are now doing this dream life, just how you pictured it, and nothing stands in your way. So young. All of your work has paid off. All of your patience. All of the pain. It led up to this. Your set free and you are seeing how God is using it, finally, for his good. Destiny, indeed!!!!

A short few years goes by, and your still young and thriving. But now, you have outdone yourself so much, that when others no longer share that dream with you, they move on. You have done things in such a specific style, that only you were capable of. Nobody else seems able to do it. You cant do this by yourself. It would not make any sense. Its like a vehicle with one tire. You need the others. God will make this work, right? After all. What was a life of fight for?

Patiently, you wait. You realize that now it is going to take some effort. Effort you never had to use. You try so hard to get moving again. Life is going on. You get married. You are now sharing this life, for good or bad, with your best friend. You want even more, to succeed. You know your limitations. You know what you have to offer this world, but you know what you don't have to offer, and now you are scared and confused. What happened???????? How on earth did this happen to you?? Your life is piling up, and now the "fall back" job has become your life. You do it, because you have to. You need money. You are on your own. Now you are taking care of your wife. More than ever, like is spiraling out of control, and all of your efforts to get back to what it is, that makes you, YOU, is more and more impossible. Your dreams are a giant ship, and you fell into the ocean, and the ship is smaller and smaller. Your drowning. 

But wait!!!! What about ALL OF THOSE YEARS?? life doesn't make any sense now. You are not person B, you are person A. You have nothing else to offer. You try. You try so many different outlets. You start to receive everyone's advice. Advice you thought was a distraction, seems to be a desperate attempt to cling to a lifeboat before going under. Nothing is working. 

You turn 30. You have sacrificed a typical life all of your years. You are married, to someone who is so much like you. Together, you wonder where your lives are, and where they went. Everyone who made you feel so small growing up, they have all gone on to live typical, and safe existences. You wonder, "How do they stay sane"? But you remember, "Because that is what they are made for" But not you. 

Crazy enough, your dream still grows alive in you, and your inspiration is still a bleeding heart. Inside your heart and head, there is a world of amazing beauty, and your dream has outgrown it all, and needs an outlet. Yet, you can't fix it. It is out of your control. Clearly, it seems God wants different things from you, and you try every door that opens. But to no avail, your life is still in chains. Everything you have said in defense to your destiny, is slapping you in the face.
But, how do you get people to understand???? Your not crazy, it was all so right!!!! 

Now, everyone, like before, dictates that your dream should one day, and now is.....over.

Like a fish out of water, you flap around, trying to breathe. You literally panic. You lose your identity. You want so bad for your best friend, your partner, to know what you knew growing up all those years. They take your word, and support you, but its not as real to your partner as it is inside of you. You start loosing control over normal things, like your emotions. Self control. Anger. Now you are a disappointment to so many. Like it is the easiest thing in the world, they tell you "Its time to move on" but they never provide a path for you to follow. "That is your job" and you start to affect everyone around you negatively. You literally feel dead inside, and your health is starting to be affected negatively from it. This is not the life you were supposed to live!!!!!!!! You realize, that you want safety. You want what God wants. You surrender. You finally get to a place where you do not care what it is that God wants for you. You simply want peace in your life. Peace has now become the dream life you want to live.
Give me your still small voice!!!!!

Those college grads only know so much of my story. 

Some of those kids will lead normal, safe lives. Staying on the surface, married,buying a small house with the white fence and target home decor, content in a no name town, that is safe and quiet. Outside of the 9 to 5 job they didn't go to school for, they will call their friends to inform them about all of the deals the market had on various grocery items, and when they have some time, they will invest it in doing things with the kids they now have while the other spouse it working even more and more to pay off that house.

. Some of those kids will go on to become important. Their dreams will serve them correct, and they will prove the whole world wrong. They will be in the right place at the right time, ripe and young, with nothing but success in front of them. Destiny will have its way. 

Some of those kids are big time dreamers, and will always be. Sadly, that dream will stay dormant inside of them, like a colorful world everybody should see, but wont. Holding that in, without an outlet, will kill a part of them forever, or maybe worse, they will fall apart for good. That inspiration inside of them is vital in helping so many people, including themselves. It will go wasted.

So sad. 

But right now, all of mom and dad's money has been spent, assuring the naive students that its a small price you pay, for the child's dreams to come true. Nothing is going to stand in their way!!!!!

 "Time is on their side"

Sunday, May 11, 2008

THE CURE "Live In 2008" My Review...

The Cure's Robert Smith, at Wachovia Spectrum,
Saturday, May 10th, 2008


fascination street
a strange day
the walk
the end of the world
kyoto song
pictures of you
maybe someday
the perfect boy
from the edge of the deep green sea
the only one
how beautiful you are
in between days
just like heaven
never enough
wrong number
one hundred years


if only tonight we could sleep
the kiss

Encore 2:

freak show
close to me
why can't i be you?

Encore 3:

three imaginary boys
fire in cairo
boys don't cry
jumping someone else's train
grinding halt
10:15 saturday night
killing an arab

Sighhhhhh!!!! I am not sure if that is a sigh of relief, or a sigh from an empty feeling in my stomach, probably both. Anyone who has been a fan of the Cure from, say any point up to 2004, knows 2 big facts: 1. The line up has changed often through-out the years and 2.There have always been keyboards, minimal, to outstanding amounts, in most of their songs, certainly on all of their albums. Since the successful 2004 resurfacing, with a new hit album, the band has gone through a devastating change. The line up that stayed consistantly strong from 1995-2004 was abruptly changed, when Roger O' Donnell (Keyboardist for the albums Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me, Disintegration, Wild Mood Swings, Bloodflowers, and 2004's The Cure) and Perry Bamonte (Guitars/keys for albums Wish,Wild Mood Swings, Bloodflowers, and 2004's The Cure) were suddenly and awkwardly "removed" from the Cure, by Robert Smith. Well, at least that is what the public was told. Weird. Oh well, I guess Robert will get a new guitarist, and a new keyboardist, right? After all, they are back on top. A whole new generation of emotionally distressed high schoolers are all over this band. Certainly, it will all be fine......

Fast forward to the "New Cure"

It is 2008, a new album is coming out,the band is a 4 piece, with NO keyboardist. Porl Thompson is back in the band (an original member of the band, who was out of the band before they even released Three Imaginary Boys, he is the most important member next to Simon and Robert. Porl played on The Top, The Head On The Door,Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me,Disintegration,and Wish) this is absolutely BRILLIANT news. The idea is that the band will focus on re-crafting the classic set list, without the use of keys, leaning heavily on Porl's guitar icon status.The new album is hinted to having no keys at all. This part of the band, i HATE, and before last night's show I would have told you EVERY SONG that has keyboards, still needs them and will not be as magical without them. A bunch of us went last night to see the band play Philadelphia. I had seem them 3 times on the 2004 Curiosa tour. They were so good. The Set lists were different each night. I heard probably every song I needed to hear. I loved them!!!!
 It is May 2008, the album is still not done. Who cares, right? We got treated to songs we actually know, and that was important, while redeeming my spending so much on a ticket. The band is over 30 years old. Scary. Only a matter of time, eh?

The band greeted the stage, pretty much looking the way you would expect.Porl, looking like your dad trying to stay young (Dude, Dorothy called from the land of Oz, she wants her ruby i mean platform shoes back) Robert looked healthier than i expected. A little fat in the face due to his age, and would look thinner if he wore clothes that fit. All in all, with a wig, Robert would look like 90s Robert. Simon still takes the cake as the best aged member. He keeps the goth make up thing minimal and keeps it real, thank you Simon. Jason (The only late 90s era member still in the band) looked slightly more like he is in a band, unlike the past where he looked like your hip math teacher.

Now, the show, the songs, the sound...

We were seated about 30 feet away from the band. We had no idea our tickets were there, and we were surprised by a comfortable seating arrangement. That alone, made any future disappointment still "worth it".
 The band opened up with the classic "Tape" intro that was heard on the Wish tour, followed, of course, by Open. They sounded very loud, and the song sounded just like the album. I was relieved. This vibe continued through-out the entire gig, with the exception of a couple of songs. With occasional back tracking to supply keyboards where they were absolutely needed, I had to wonder why Robert didn't make the keyboards available for the rest of the songs. I mean, come on. The band, compliments to Porl, re-crafted the songs, into a more edgy rock sounding Cure. This did not take away from the songs, again, beside the few songs where it did not work. I expected to see the band coming off tired from the same old thing, and this new direction made the band seem more excited and that gave us a better show. Everyone's performance was OUTSTANDING. Robert moved over near to us occasionally, and we all took turns yelling to him and cheering. Of course, I had to yell "Get your fucking keyboards, Robert" but that was just so I could say I tried to be a good fan. There were things that made this concert special to me. There were fewer things that distracted me from my belief that The Cure is my favorite band. All in all, they still got it. Any lacking integrity is due to them making stupid decisions, NOT due to being too old to rock, or too tired to keep up. In fact, they played for just under 3 hours. It would have been 3 hours, had the band kept playing, instead of the tired "Lets go backstage and re-emerge a few minutes later) These "encore" practices are awkward to me. Alright, I love The Cure. Always will. That will never change. They can put out horrible albums from here on out, and I can still keep the 30 years of music they made up til this point, close to my heart!!!! Those classic Cure songs will be buried in my casket with me. How beautiful they are!!!!

Concert highlights:
Strange Day
Kyoto Song
Pictures Of You
If Only Tonight We Could Sleep
The Kiss
the SECOND HALF of 100 Years.
Encore 3
The seating, and company I had with me

Songs that sucked without keyboards or just sucked:
How beautiful you are
Why can't I be you?
Just like heaven
the FIRST HALF of 100 Years.

Other worthy mentions:
The Song freakshow, I don't know what to think of that. 
My irritable bowel issues that I had to take care of at an arena bathroom. Ugh.
Concert tour shirt prices. $40 a shirt. Kiss my irritable ass.

Enough on that, I am certainly going to remember my night, and I am excited about that new album. There is going to be a new single released every month, until the official album release in September, so keep an eye out, maybe Robert can still squeeze diamonds out of that old gothic ass of his!!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Some new music I wanted to share with you all

Torche - Meanderthal
(2008 - Hydra Head)
I guess not to many people are quite on the Torche wagon just yet, so let me do what I can to help change that. If you haven't heard these guys past releases, trust me when I say, you MUST check them out. To describe the band's sound... lets say The Ramones decided they wanted to be Black Sabbath, and hired Page Hamilton (who suddenly sings much better) to front the band. Oh that sounds terrible I know. Torche is sludgy stoner metal, set to.........pop!!!! I have heard Foo Fighter comparisons, and I would urge listeners to avoid that, because this band sounds nothing like that. The only thing FF and torche have in common is both bands would sound great on radio, but again, that sounds terrible. Torche is what Queens Of The Stone Age should have been, as far as heaviness. While QOTSA are focusing more on boy band sex sing-a-long experimentation, Torche just wants to tear your face off with walls and walls of down tuned, yet up tempo rock and roll. Its not metal, but its too heavy to just be called rock, and to take it to the next level, the band even manages to create beautiful atmosphere, and paints that on top of monolithic riffs. What you get with "Meanderthal" (Besides what seems to be a throw back to Amrep's Hammerhead who had a song title of the same name) is a short and sweet, well produced dirty, heavy rock opus, with more harmonies and catchiness than normally finds its way into todays sludge rock/metal scene! They are on tour now, with The Sword (Another good band to check out) and they will hit the road later this summer with Japan's thunderous rock monster, BORIS!! Don't miss these shows!!!! Oh and check out Torche's self titled debut full length, and their amazing EP, "In Return"!

Melvins - Nude With Boots
(July 8, 2008 Ipecac Recordings)

This record is not available for public purchase just yet, but I felt inclined to listen to the leaked record, and I will no doubt buy it when it is made available. The Melvins are one of my all time favorite bands. Buzz Osbourne, Dale Crover and Co. have recorded another album, the this second album, with Jarred and Cody (The 2 dudes from another amazing band, Big Business). The first album, A Senile Animal, blew my mind. It was so unexpected to hear The Melvins play, easily the catchiest music in their overwhelming discography. After many years of releasing many albums filled with almost unlistenable noise,It came as a breath of fresh air. People will tell you that if you don't like the noise albums, that you just aren't a "true fan". Well, I have all of the Melvins albums, and trust me "I get it" I just don't prefer it. A Senile Animal was a relief and many fans would agree, it was one of the best of their long career.Look, like em or not, you have to give them the respect of being innovative and for putting bands like Nirvana, and KARP and the many other imitators on the map. Ok, so the new album.
1.The Kicking Machine - This song is loaded with harmonies, off kilter rock guitar, blasting drums. Tons of energy. This is classic old school Melvins.
2.Billy Fish - Like the first, this song takes off with strong rock structures, and tons of awesome melodies. Reminiscent of Houdini/Stoner Witch era.
3.Dog Island - Ahh yes. The sounds of Bullhead come to mind. Tracks like Boris. Downtuned sludge rock. The song is very smart too. Clever riffs.
4.Dies Araea - This is a updated Melvins treatment, to the theme song to the movie "The Shining" This is done very well, and actually gives me the same chills I get when I hear the movie version. So cool that they did this.
5.Suicide In Progress - Yes, another song that brings to mind Houdini. Im reminded of "The Bloat", from Stag, only busier.
6. The Smiling Cobra - One of the heavier ones. So awesome!! Great vocals!! Real clever riffs!!Again, classic Melvins
7.Nude With Boots -  This song starts out as a long jam that sounds like psychadelic bright stoner rock, but switches into heavier territory. Harmonies dominate here, much like the other tracks.
8.Flush - Ok, so it would not be a Melvins album without at least one demented noise track. Well, here it is. At least they kept it short and sweet. Pointless though, unless it is an inside joke!?!?!
9.The Stupid Creep - Stoner Witch era head banger tune. Buzz's vocals are real deep in this one. Not sure why, but it rules. This is a really short song. Just as its taking off, it stops.
10.The Savage Hippy - Dale/Cory start the dual drums off, with a tough groove covered in tons of reverb. Reminds me of "Hootch". This is another heavier down tempo song, that rocks so well.
11. It Tastes Better Than The Truth - This is like, marching music from hell, with the entire band yelling, screaming, singing, doing all sorts of stuff over top of it. Definitely one of the weirder tracks. But the important thing to remember here is it is "musical" Its not like normal Melvins weirdness, where you hear a train whistle for 1o minutes. Trippy ending to well delivered rock album.

If I could complain about anything,and I must...It is the production. Like "A Senile Animal" this record sounds watery. The songs are too well written, to be lo-fi in a way that does not work. I think its due time to get the tones and overall heaviness right!!!! I think the album might not get quite the due it deserves because of 2 things: 1.The fact that it is truer to The Melvins sound, than the last album, and 2. Sound quality/production.
There you have it folks, buy this record when it hits shelves on July 8th. Melvins forever!!!!!