Friday, May 23, 2008

Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull (A non spoiler review)

 As I promised...

So, I heard quite a bit of negative reviews by the fans, about Indiana Jones 4. Most of the complaints I heard was that it was too much story telling, too slow in it's pace, and that the story was terrible. Hmm. Then I heard all of the famous critics, saying how amazing the movie is, and how it sits comfortably with the first 3. The only thing I can do is think about what made the 3 classic films so damn good to me, and with the long space in between films, it was obvious that there might be the issue of the best movie makers in my lifetime, (Spielberg/Lucas) might not "have it" anymore. I promised myself that I would go into this movie, and just be honest about it. I just want to have fun!!!!
Because this is a new movie, and one that I am sure everyone and their mother will see...i will be brief!! It was good. It was not as good as the classic 3, but I think part of what made those movies so good was my imagination, which made the effect of the films much stronger growing up. Nostalgia plays a big part too, and it was weird connecting with the idea of a new Indie film. There were some things I believe should have been different. Mainly the plot. The plot kinda takes away from the spirit of the series. Outside of that fact, the execution of the movie, plot and all, is excellent. Harrison Ford did an outstanding job at his old age, to naturally fall back into the character. You really do forget that he is much older than he appears on film. The twists and turns, the action, the characters are all very well written. The humor that made the 3 classics work, is in tact. The sets are beautiful. The horrific moments are in tact as well. The ending, obviously felt weak, but that goes without saying, when the plot is not that good. You kind of don't know the full details though, and that helps the movie, knowing that the plot is not fully revealed. It doesn't distract. There were some great throw back moments to the classics as well. See if you can catch them all. I was satisfied with the movie. The odds were against them, and the cast and crew pulled off a fun and almost equally stunning movie as the original series. What the fans wanted, is definitely here. The fans will definitely have some complaints, but, that would never change. Undisputedly enjoyable, and worth your time and money.

Oh, and Indie still hates snakes!!!! ;)

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throwingroses said...

Before seeing the film I avoided all the reviews. I didn't want to have what I was going into get tainted in any way. My theory going in was that the film was going to be not that good based on the kid. I felt he was going to get thrown into the mix and forced to be an integral character when it wasn't needed. In that respect I was wrong, and happily so. But I was happy to see the film, it was fun, but also very disappointing in another way. Personally I felt their wasn't enough mythology talk and discovery, such as in raiders of the lost ark where the story itself was a mystery to solve. I don't think anyone is expecting the film to be as good as the original;so no disappointments, just smiles- just like when we saw it as kids.