Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Introducing, Christian Guitar Hero!!!

Everyone, and their mother is expecting me to crap all over this game. I mean almost everything about this is cheesy at first glance, from the name "Guitar Praise", as if Christians couldn't afford to sound less stuck in their own Christian marketing, and what about the fact that, to me, 75% of the songs on the game suck? Yes, i get it. We can laugh at how Christians always have to have "the counter act" to pop culture. That said though, I am finding it hard to get angry over this. Truth is, in a perfect world anybody who grows up listening to Christian music, would like some of their faves, mixed in with the mainstream radio picks of "Guitar Hero" and we know, that company sure as hell is not going to acknowledge bands like, The Crucified, Petra, and Whitecross. But "Guitar Praise" did just that, and, wow...who would have thought that there would be a day I would be playing a modern video game, in the vein of "GH" to some of the old songs, that even Christians do not even acknowledge. Im talking the 70s and 80s here!!! That alone, made me excited about this. I honestly was shocked!!!

The pros, and cons go like this...

-There are, although a small number, selections from classic 70s and 80s Christian rock. The addition of "The Pit" by the hardcore pioneers "The Crucified" was a welcome addition. Wow!! Big THANKS for that choice!!!!

-Somebody thought about the Christian kids at home, who don't identify with "GH" songs, and gave them something to do, and for those Christians who were born in 1990, the songs on this game, for the most part, will suffice.

-The game has FAR TOO LITTLE classics. My only hope is that they create in the soon future, a specific "classic Christian rock" version, so us 30+ guys  and gals can enjoy ourselves too.It just seems like they tried to keep it to modern Christian rock, and putting in the 4 or 5 classics kind of makes them stick out more, which would not happen if it was an equal pull from the setlist.

- In typical Christian market fashion, everything is strictly sold separately. This means, you can't play this game on a Wii, or PS3, even though so many people have them,  this game only works on certain computers. Surprisingly they made it work for apple users, wow!

So, it is a good start, I just hope they realize that, "GH" has mostly old songs on it, and that would make this more interesting. Perhaps its just the beginning but it would not hurt to use this product to boast some of the old classics that we had. We can't forget Larry Norman, Stryper, Daniel Amos, The 77s, Steve Taylor, etc, etc. Bands like Barren Cross, Tourniquet, Scaterd Few, and Deliverance, who saw a lot of mainstream success in their day should not be forgotten. Starting with the upcoming documentary on Christian rock entitled "Bleed Into One", I hope that more praise for the classics are sung!!

The snobs of the main stream will no doubt laugh at this little invention, and to some degree, im laughing too, but only on the outside!!!


Anonymous said...

dear stephen...
i NEED modernmu$ic 2000, i can't find it anywhere and i live off of my scratched to hell THE<3IATHS! album. gahhhh! help a brudda out!


Stephen Mark Sarro said...


who are you???

give me some info. I do not have copies of M$M, but i could burn you one, or something like that, actually, if THE?ISA?! is skipping, i can burn you that too.

But, who are you?