Sunday, August 31, 2008

Snapper Soup, Pt. 1

So, I know a certain member of my family really enjoys making soup out of snapping turtles. I know, it sounds disgusting, but he swares that it taste great. 
So, Sara's grandmom lives off of a small lake. Or is it a big pond? Either way, this body of water seems to have very little fish in it. I blame the snapping turtles! So i decided that it was time to get some of them out of the water.

Soups on!!!

So i hammered some tent stakes into the ground, 4 stakes, 1 per side. I then tied to those stakes, small nylon rope, which i extended out to the middle of the lake. allowing slack to sink down, and drift around. At the end of these ropes, i tied metal leaders, followed by very large fish hooks. I then tied an empty gallon container to each rope, to use as bobbers/markers.
On the fish hooks, i used chicken gizzards/hearts and tossed them in the water. I left the "traps" in the water for 24 hours. When i came back, i checked each trap. The first trap was destroyed. The metal leader was broken in 2. I could not believe this, and it led me to believe there is something bigger than a 30 lb. turtle in the water. The second trap's leader clip that holds the hook was literally bent open, and the hook was gone, assuming in the turtle's stomach to stay. What a bummer, eh? So I float on over to the third trap. I already rule this out. The gallon was lying about 3 feet from the lake bank. As i got closer i noticed a bubble of air that came up to the surface. It got me thinking. As i pulled up the line, i had a very large turtle at the end of it. YES, success! Of course, the fourth and final trap was empty as well, but in tact, with the bait missing in action. Now the hunt is on for the big one. The one that destroyed very strong cables. 

Does anyone have a good tip?

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