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Tantrum Of The Muse - The Heart Is A Two Headed Sperm (10 Year Anniversary Remaster) Some notes, track listing, etc.

So, we decided we needed to pull our acclaimed teen angst opus - "The Heart Is A Two Headed Sperm" out of obscurity and back into the limelight, by way of making it available, "officially" as a download, complete with that annoying "missing track" that everyone seems to like so much, and some additional live tracks, once found on the live ep, all re-edited, sound clips taken from digital transfers, a few snips at a few loose ends that somehow made it into the first 2 pressings of the album, a few tweeks, a few tricks, and there you have it!

I was initially a bit bummed out, that the album was being downloaded online, with tracks missing, sounding the way it did, and looking the way it did, all these years, and i really wished i could remix the bastard, and make it much more mature sounding and fuller. There are so many things wrong with the final takes of the performances, and the production is clearly independent budget, $700 to be exact (and this was in 1998) and Rick and myself, we could barely even play our instruments. We had so many ideas pouring out of us, but so little talent to really pull it off, and even though that is really true, somehow i still find myself siding with this album, over the 2nd album we did with the band. I just think this one is so much more of what TOTM was about. I dunno, the 2nd record was certainly an improvement in so many ways, but that record was chock full of inside jokes and shout outs to things, not many people realized, not to was so damn miserable!!!! There was a little bit of light at the end of the musical tunnel, with this first record. Rick and I had not been completely embittered with everything and everyone......yet! :)

So now, we have a poorly crafted, but inspired artistic statement, existing only in cd format. No 2" tape, just a digital recording, burned to a cd-r, which i still have (You think your copy sounds bad? You should hear the original) Mixing is out of the question. I had 3 different mastering persons, each take a stab at it, and i got the same results, for the most part, and the same explanation "This is the best it is ever going to be" then i took those versions, and compared them all, painstakingly, in many stereos, and sharing the files with people who know so much more about it, than i, and they painstakingly compared it all, until we finally found the most well balanced versions. Then, i took those remastered files, and i redid samples, and edited the songs book ends, making the starts of songs cleaner, and the ends of songs cleaner, giving the overall listening experience a much tighter, cleaner sound. Gone is a lot of the air that was heard. Gone, is the bad quality samples. We managed, without mixing tracks, to bring some of the performances out a little more. I can truly say, this is the best it is going to sound, without spending a ton of money that we do not even have.

The album was originally recorded in the summer of 1998. We were waiting for Sofa Records to finish what they started, in releasing it, but they decided to pass. We then got signed to the infamous Takehold Records, in 1999, who mastered the album and gave it an official release. So, if you want to get technical, 1998 was the birth of the album, and so 2008 is the real 10th year anniversary, but because we felt the real release came in 1999, i decided to release it in 2009. Its a few weeks too late to do that, but all of the work we put into it was done in 2009, so i feel confident, though shamed, to release it now, in the early 2010, as a 10 year celebration!!!

The purpose of all of this? For starters, just to keep the TOTM legacy alive. Because the album changed our lives personally, and i know it changed people's lives, because i continually get emails, or responses from people sharing their thoughts and feelings on the album, and how it pushed them to re-think how heavy music is presented, or how to be true to yourself as an artist, as a Christian, and having that conviction. Also, because there are so many more people who have not been given the opportunity to hear the album, and could very much benefit from it, is a great reason to dust it off! A more practical reason? All of the proceeds of the album, are going to fund the new album, which is in the pre-production/rehearsal stages as i type this. I have a lot of obstacles to overcome, in order to be a 100% independent artist. For some crazy reason, inspiration keeps me here. It keeps me wanting to write and record and perform, and even though i haven't given myself, or the world, a proper album in 10 years, i am about due to finally release something!! With your support, in purchasing the download of the TOTM albums, or by buying the Unteachers stickers, and buttons, and future merchandise, I will be literally, pouring the money right back into your hands, in the way of releasing all that i can, when it is available for me to give!

Check out the 2 versions of the newly revised The Heart... artwork! Created by the very talented, Seth Luzier (TOTM keyboardist in 2002-2004).

1. Do Not Hurt Luddle
2. The Devil's House Of Techno
3. Hell Is At The Bottom Of The Rainbow
4. Fatigued
5. For The Birds
6. Headcheese Recipe (Destroy The Herps)
7. Swing, Daddy...Swing!
8. My Depression Outfit
9. Gas Parade (March Of The Dead)
10. You Smell Better When You Are Dead
11. Jesus Standing Behind The Entertainment
12. Here Comes A Winner (Bonus Track)
13. Downtrodden! (Bonus Track)
14. The Devil's House Of Techno - Live At Tom Fest 2000 (Bonus Track)
15. For The Birds - Live At Tom Fest 2000 (Bonus Track)
16. Fatigued - Live At Tom Fest 2000 (Bonus Track)

The concept for this record's art, was to age the cover. To wink at the 10 year angle. To suggest this record has been through a long 10 years. I think the concept works perfect, and it gets away from the dreadful Mr. Bungle rip off looking cover we somehow decided on, in 1999. Thank God that is behind us!!!

Stay tuned, for the announcement of where the album can be bought, etc. Thanks for your support

- S

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Hey Stephen, Can't wait to hear when/where/how I can purchase this.