Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 WRAP UP!

Well, this year is done. I can remember exactly where i was one year ago today. I was sitting at a friends house, feeling typically sad about another year gone by. I was unhealthy, and I was excited about my resolutions. Pretty typical. Speaking of typical, I know I am often times a "glass is not only half empty, but the rest will be swallowed soon" type of guy. That said...this year sucked for the most part. Yeah, I had some good times, and i have things to be thankful for...but who doesn't eh? This year was not a good one. For starters, those "resolutions"...those dreams that should come true, in my timing....well...they didn't. None of them did. Now, that is not a surprise to me, considering that most years they never come true. But what makes this year so tough is that, I spent much of my time this year working on my resolutions, some of them anyway, and the results were less than flattering. Now that I spoke my mind on THAT...there are some new resolutions. But i don't think of them as resolutions, but rather a realization that changes need to be made, and they are life or death changes for me, and my wife. I am sitting here, on new years eve thinking about some big changes that need to be made. This year was a big pisser, and i don't want this next one to be that way. I have too much to offer myself and others, and I am letting my health, and my career failure hold me back. Im concerned about whats happening, and i want to change it. Will 2009 by my year? I won't even attempt an answer, but I am praying for direction, and strength. Alright, so now i will geek out and give you a top 10 of things i care about, in a geek way.


Torche - Meanderthal

Melvins - Nude With Boots

The Cure - 4:13 Dream

Pattern Is Movement - All Together

The Residents - The Bunny Boy

Metallica - Death Magnetic

Starflyer 59 - Dial M

The Seventy Sevens - Holy Ghost Building

Meshuggah - Obzen

FAVORITE MOVIES OF 2008 (that i saw) -

The Dark Knight

Indiana Jones & The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull

Be Kind, Rewind

Tropic Thunder

Wall - E



Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer

Hellboy II - The Golden Army

Poultrygeist - Night Of The Chicken Dead


Step Brothers

(Haven't seen but worthy mentions: The Curious Case Of Ben Button, Doubt, Gran Torino, many more)


Seeing Shudder To Think reunited, for the most part, and meeting Craig Wedren, who is one of the nicest guys on the earth.

Seeing the legendary prog-art rock band "The Residents" and of course, i didn't meet them, but i believe i spotted them getting out of their van. Oh, this band has been playing since the early 70s, but has kept their identities hidden. Love it!!!!

Finally watching Lost. Starting with disc 1 of season 1 and we are still going. I am a Lost purist, so im loving how, in order, things are being exposed. Great show!!!

Being mentored by a really influential artist, who helped me spiritually. This is huge to me. I would drop a name but then i would be a cheesy fan. It was a big part of my year. I wonder if he realizes this?

Meeting new Christian men and women, who are big thinkers. It is always amazing to find likeminded folk.

Seeing The Cure, again. Robert was close enough for me to throw an apple at him. Awesome!!!!

Reuniting with the best drummer I ever worked with, Rick Wise. Playing music again, ala TOTM days, working on Unteachers together, with a good friend Brian Shwein. And while I am on the subject...

Getting blessed with an awesome studio to play in, which is connected to meeting new Christian men to call my family.

Many great conversations, and fellowship with friends and family. Those small moments that are not big plans, make for bigtime joy.

Thanksgiving 2008, spent with friends, at our apartment. We watched Xmas movies, and ate some bird. It was relaxed and untraditional, which was the year for this. Untraditional!!!

Christmas 2008, one of the best in years. More time spent with friends, but we did have a lot of time with family too. We did small visits with many people, with some naps thrown in to keep things fresh. This was the first year where i was not awkwardly given gifts that were obligation (ala sports jersey, when i have never liked sports) also, my we made a lot of gifts this year, and they were the big pay off in blessings for others, because they were the most valuable.

Working on the Norris farm, and fixing up the place. Painting the house. They have blessed me financially, during a time when i was struggling with work. Working there is such a peaceful place, and the atmosphere and scenery is unreal.

Sara and I, going camping at the beach. It was a cheap trip but its simplicity made it so fun.

Seth and Jessie, getting engaged.

Steph and Kenny getting engaged.

David and Cristin had a baby boy, his name is Jacob. CUTE!!!!!

Melody had a baby girl. So cute, her name is Lola Mae. Congrats.

Marcy had a baby boy. So cute also, his name is Killian. Congrats.
and last, but not least....

Rick found love!!!!!!!!! Finally!!!!!!

There is much more to share, but im out of time.

Happy new year, and here is to big change in 2009!!!!

God bless you all

- Stephen

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