Monday, June 30, 2008

BLEED INTO ONE - THE STORY OF CHRISTIAN ROCK! and a rant about Tantrum Of The Muse's overlooked work!

Guys and gals, it brings me great pleasure to introduce this to you, if you have not already heard.


This is so overwhelming to me. For so many reasons.

1. My whole life, I listened to almost all of the bands featured in this film. I know what it was like growing up on 70s and 80s christian music, as well as 90s and current. I watched the bible belt squeeze the life out of so many of these bands. I have come from an era when christian music was judged far greater than it could possibly be today. I was a metal head in the 80s. It started with Stryper, and it went into bands like Vengeance Rising, and Deliverance. My metal moved into hardcore, in the early 90s. The Crucified, and Scaterd Few were some of my favorite punk bands, and to this day, they still remain timeless and powerfully effective. To see somebody put a movie out on the subject of a massive culture of christian music, that somehow is completely (much like the very belief of christianity) misunderstood. America views christian music as "untalented, and foolish" when in fact, some christian artists have inspired some of the biggest groups today. Hell, God is the author of art, and music. Its like Larry Norman sang, and like Tantrum Of The Muse re-sang...WHY SHOULD THE DEVIL HAVE ALL THE GOOD MUSIC?????????

2. Speaking of Tantrum Of The Muse. I am hopeful that this film will mention the work Takehold Records did for the christian music industry. Takehold records, TOTM's record label, came the closest to being a christian business, that actually bridged a gap between christian music industry, and secular music industry. Signing us (TOTM) to the label was probably THR's most risk taking business decision. We were saying lyrically, and doing musically way more risky things. Then you have THR bands like Underoath, who has gone on to outsell to the major label status. This band was on THR along with some great bands like Narcissus, Fewleftstanding, Twothirtyeight, etc. Chad Johnson, the owner of THR, went as far as putting together a very successful 2/3 day music festival called "Furnace Fest" where Christian believing bands like mine, shared the stage with bands like Hatebreed, Isis, Andrew W.K., Hum, and The Dillinger Escape Plan. I mean, this was huge at the time!!!!!!

In a perfect world, Tantrum Of The Muse would have a voice on this documentary, especially when the reactions to us from CHRISTIAN alternative music fans ALONE, made waves big enough that TOTM could barely stay afloat. TOTM and THR saw the last moment in Christian music, when the industry had not changed, people were still buying CDs, passing in demos, and you could make a real statement, not just with your lyrics but with your music. 

TOTM was doing something revolutionary for christian music. It has been said about the band, and I am saying it about the band. 

But, because we sold only a few thousand CDS, where Underoath continues to sell many thousands, Underoath gets a voice in "The history of Christian rock"

Its just the way it is. 

TOTM or not, make sure you see this film when it comes out!!!!

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